Post 9

“The great myth of our time is that technology is communication.” Libby Larsen

One of my favorite shows growing up was the cartoon, “Jackie Chan Adventures.” Jackie Chan is the main character in this show and he is of Asian descent. Many of the characters, including him were talented at karate. Because of this show I made the assumption that all Asians were good at karate. This is an effective example how popular media has an impact on our cultural views and how it influences our culture. There are many other individuals who will make assumptions based on popular media. I was shocked when I found out that not all of Africa is poor and desolate. Since individuals are exposed to popular media it will constantly have an impact on their views.

It’s vital that individuals be aware of the cultural differences within new cultures they experience. This was what stood out to me about our speaker’s presentation. He mentioned how he and his partner were not aware of the cultural differences, and because of this they had a more difficult time doing business there. He also mentioned how they were guests there, and it’s important for individuals to be aware of cultural differences to accommodate accordingly to them.

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