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“Communication must be HOT. That’s honest, open and two-way. ” Dan Oswald

I am appreciative for this semester and the concepts I have been able to learn from our class. There were many new aspects of intercultural communication that I will take into my personal and professional career in dealing with various cultures. The main concept that I learned from our class that will help me with future interactions in other cultures is the fact that I need to be willing to accommodate to the cultural norms and expectations of the other culture. I think of the experience that Scott and his partner, George had in Ghana doing business with them. George approached the culture with an arrogant, ethnocentric view with the mindset that they would be able to do business in the way that he was always used to. They both had to learn the hard way that if they were going to be successful in doing business that they would have to respect the cultural differences.

Another effective example of this is a guest entering the house of another for dinner. That guest must take into account the expectations of that household in order to be respected.

In conclusion, there are many other concepts and lessons that I would love to elaborate on learned from class apart from this, but this is the main concept I wanted to elaborate on. I hope that I was able to effectively reflect my concept learned through this blog.

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